Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

System that integrate internal and external management information across an entire organization, while being customer centric.

Knowledge Management System (KMS)

System for managing knowledge in organizations for supporting creation, capture, storage and dissemination of information.

Data Storage Solution

Automate data storage solution for remote access and offsite backup and ensure information controls across boundaries.

Pro Data 2.0


Pro E-Knowledge Sdn. Bhd. provides the full package of Data Management Solutions (Pro Data) that focus on creating an information ecosystem. It takes Data to generate Knowledge to nurture the Wisdom in your business.

The ecosystem is being build up by focusing on 3 core module, which is the Enterprise Resource Planning, Knowledge Management, and Data Storage Solutions. This 3 core module will manage the data from front-end, internal and back-end needs in an organization.

When the information ecosystem is being built and nurtured, slowly the knowledge will flow in and form a multi dimensional business view on the whole organization. Helping management make effective and efficient business decisions with wisdom.